Emma engrossed.


Pamela, churros in hand, waits expectantly as Brian ladles the Chicha Morada!

Chloe's fifth cup.

The sweeping prise de fer, otherwise known as "taking the blade."

Parents and kids unable to form a line, wait in a bottled jumble to purchase the book.

Rapscallions and upstarts.

Two kids in pink.

Oliver, who looks a lot like Rapscallion Club protagonist Percy, poses with a kid I don't know and a framed portrait of Arthur Conan Doyle.

Emma wins the Rapscallion combo contest, which means she'll have the high honor of opening the chest.

The shop is plunged into darkness in preparation for the unveiling. Gold light spills from the trunk as Emma pries open the lid.

Emma aglow.

Pamela withdraws the winning raffle ticket from the bulbous cage of David's helmet.

Father & son fencers, David & Sam, with bagpiper Bobby.

Bobby blows out "Bonnie Banks."

Peanut gallery.

Cover illustrator Chris Gash with author Alex Dawson.

Rapscallion Club cover illustrator Chris Gash has a sleeve of ink on each arm. In the book, his skull cherries are described as being on the forearm of a ferris wheel operator named Doc.

Here's his tatt and the line in the book describing it, side-by-side.

Sophie awaits inscription.

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